Authentic is our student & young adult group at Destiny Church. We want to be real about our faith and live the authentic life that Jesus is calling us to. We are passionate about seeing every student & young adult in Edinburgh fulfil their God-given potential to know Jesus and share Him with others.

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Hear from a couple of our current students:

“It's always so fun hearing what everyone's been up to and encouraging each other and just enjoying each other's presence. Authentic made me feel more connected to Destiny church. I think it is important to feel part of the church family, and Authentic was definitely that connection for me.” Edna

“People from all around the world gather here, with all our differences, with all our mess - and love one another and stand by each other. It’s fun, we can have fellowship together, pray, eat, worship, enjoy each other’s company.” Sophie

Authentic Ambassadors

We have a whole bunch of our current students waiting to chat with you, share their knowledge of Edinburgh and university life, and help you settle in to Edinburgh and church. If we can help you meet some of the current students then let us know by emailing us or DM us on Instagram (@authentic_dest)

Calendar of Events

Hangouts - Authentic Hangouts are when we get all our students together to have fun, discuss important topics, and grow in our faith. Hangouts happen every month, we love it, and we can’t wait to include you!

Small Groups - Groups of students meeting around the city for fun, encouragement, and spiritual growth. These happen every week on a Tuesday or Wednesday evening. Email us on to get connected.

Workshops – Each month we take time to unpack something practical from an expert in the subject. Please invite your friends to join us as we are equipped in some important life skills.

Get in touch with us

We can’t wait to see all that God has in store for you this year! We’d love to meet you, so email us using the 'Contact' link on this page, or follow us on:

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Dan Everett

Dan Everett

Authentic Leader