Destiny Kids

Destiny Kids is now online! Join us at 9.30am at just before our Sunday morning service online.

Weekly newsletter

The programme is designed for all ages, but we have further more age-specific material to supplement the Sunday session in our weekly newsletter here.

Youtube & Facebook

And for more encouraging and fun content for your kids, subscribe to our Youtube channel or Facebook page.

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Recommended resources

For further resources to build faith with your kids through the week, or just to keep them entertained with some really positive content, try these links:

Saddleback Kids Youtube: (Bible stories – younger children)

Superbook Youtube: (Bible stories – older children)

VeggieTales Youtube: (fun Bible stories and lessons)

Lifetree Kids Youtube: (great worship)

Life church Open Network: (lots of ideas)

Guardians of Ancora: (games)

Kitchen Table Project: (discipleship ideas for kids at home)

Creative Kidswork: (lots of craft ideas, experiments, things to do at home)

Bible App for kids

Destiny Kids at our physical locations

We look forward to being back at our physical services, here is some information about Destiny Kids at each of our locations:

Sarah McGreehin

Sarah McGreehin

Kids Church Leader