Serving opportunities

At Destiny Edinburgh, we have a conviction that "Everyone plays, everyone grows". Basically, we want every person in the church to be able to play their part in being a blessing to the world and making church happen.

COVID-19 has been a game-changer, and has affected just about every area of our lives, including how we can serve at Destiny. The good news is, there are still loads of ways you can play your part!

In the table below are a list of the current areas where we'd love you to get involved. If you see a role that looks appealing, click on it to find out a little more and get in touch.

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If you were part of a serving team pre-Covid, your team leader may be in touch with you direct as physical services begin to reopen.

Leadership roles listed below will require church membership - but if you're interested, we'd love to help you journey towards that.

We can't wait to hear from you!

Area Role Where? When? Hours per month?
Admin Location admin & logistics Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Flexible 2-4 There are various challenges with having multiple venues which this role will help with. Tasks to include: monitoring stock levels (hand sanitiser, etc); taking utility meter readings; reporting all these things to admin staff and implementing agreed actions on the ground. Each Location needs its own admin person / team. COUNT ME IN
Alpha Online Group leader or helper From home Wednesday evenings, mid-October to early December 8 Lead group discussion OR help guests feel welcome in Alpha zoom breakout groups. COUNT ME IN
Care Shelter Chef & catering team TBC First Monday of the month, Oct - April, evening TBC Lead a team of people or be a team member to help prepare a meal for people accessing Care Shelter Support. Please note, people can sign up to help with meal prep and serving on the same night. COUNT ME IN
Care Shelter Serving team TBC First Monday of the month, Oct – April, 8pm-10.30pm TBC Lead a team of people or be a team member to help prepare a meal for people accessing Care Shelter Support. Please note, people can sign up to help with meal prep and serving on the same night. COUNT ME IN
Church Online Production Team Gorgie Studio Sunday mornings, 9am-12.30pm Min 3 The production team is for you who would like to grow knowledge in any area of media production. Maybe you have some knowledge and experience of either camera, audio or post production and would like to grow and work on your talents, or you are competently new to the field but feel excited and just can’t stop thinking about joining - this team is for you. We walk and teach you from wherever you are and to where ever you would like to go. We have team members from age 13 to 50+. Time-wise it all depends on what you can invest. One place where you can serve is at our Live livestream service on Sunday mornings – the times above reflect that, although if they don’t suit, we’d still love to have you involved. We also record worship and help other ministers in the church with video productions, which can be done when the team is available.COUNT ME IN
Church Online Creative Team Flexible Flexible Flexible Our Creative team is for you who love storytelling and think we could do our content much better or that we are missing a target group. Maybe you like to communicate with children, youth, young adults, parents, singles - bring your ideas and we’ll start the process of creating a production plan.COUNT ME IN
Church Online Hosting Team Gorgie Studio Sunday mornings, 9am-12.30pm Min 3 Maybe you would like to work and grow confidence in being in front of a camera. You might want to consider our host team. The week you are on, we need your time to prepare your heart and also the script together with the other host(s).COUNT ME IN
Destiny Angels Befrienders Via phone By arrangement 2-4 We need people to make befriending phone calls to people facing isolation. COUNT ME IN
Destiny Angels Hampers Physical locations & online TBC Flexible People to help with administration, logistics and sometimes simply moving hampers around! COUNT ME IN
Destiny Angels Spread love and kindness TBC TBC TBC People to help with practical tasks that come in such as food delivery. COUNT ME IN
Janitorial Cleaning Gorgie / Leith / Granton Most likely evenings or weekends. Approx 4 After a group has been in our buildings, we need to do a thorough clean of the areas used due to current regulations. COUNT ME IN
Kids Kids’ Worship Team  From home / Gorgie Location One recording session every half term, at a weekend. Preparation – when you choose. Varied We want to facilitate worship during Destiny Kids Online with additional involvement from children. COUNT ME IN
Kids Meet Up Team  From home / local outdoor spaces Sunday afternoons (TBC) At least 2 We want to start arranging get-togethers with the kids, in person and on Zoom, where they can meet up, have fun and grow in their faith.  COUNT ME IN
Kids Personal Blessings Team From home, delivery to kids’ homes One “blessing” per half term (TBC) TBC We want our kids to feel loved and very much part of the church family. Blessings might vary between cards / digital messages / gifts. COUNT ME IN
Kids Main Programme Team From home Monthly Zoom meetings plus time in between writing/ creating. Filming at weekends. (TBC) Varied We need help pulling together creative content, script writing and presenting. We are also considering moving to two programmes to target younger and older kids. COUNT ME IN
Kids Editing Team From home Flexible – deadline dependent TBC We need help with editing and we will provide training so no experience necessary!(We will be passing your names to the online team, as they will be overseeing this team). In-person training required. COUNT ME IN
Kids Midweek Content From home Flexible TBC We want to engage with kids and families during the week (e.g. night-time stories, social media).COUNT ME IN
Pastoral Gorgie pastoral phonecalls From home Monday to Friday at a convenient time 4-5 The goal is to connect by phone call, with 5 people per week and encourage them to re-connect with Church and Small Groups. You need to be church member and for this role.COUNT ME IN
Polish translation Translator/Interpreter From home Sunday 10.30am Approx 4 We need people who are able to interpret a Sunday message from English to Polish. Preaching notes are provided in advance for the live translation on Sunday mornings. COUNT ME IN
Polish translation Administrator From home Flexible Approx 4 Help administrate the rota for translators, and provide any zoom assistance needed. It is not necessary for this person to be fluent in either English or Polish, but instead have an interest in the ministry, administrative skills and simply a desire to help where there is a need. COUNT ME IN
Services & Events Stewarding Team Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Sundays, Time TBC Approx 5 We help setup the venue and make it Covid-safe prior to the arrival of guests. We oversee security, ushering, and cleaning of the venue before and after services.COUNT ME IN
Services & Events Welcome Team Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Sundays, Time TBC Approx 5 During this season, as well as welcoming folk at the services, we also help the stewarding team with cleaning and making the venue Covid-safe.COUNT ME IN
Services & Events Check-in Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Mostly Sundays 2-4 We check people into in-person services and events. We do this electronically using a smartphone app. If you’re good with technology and admin, this might be for you!COUNT ME IN
Small groups Small groups leader From home Flexible 10-12 Small Group Leaders are responsible for leading a small group of people to fulfil the vision of becoming family and making disciples. This includes leading others in studying the bible, cultivating fellowship, taking communion, and praying together.COUNT ME IN
Spirit Café Welcome team TBC TBC TBC Spirit Cafe is an outreach that helps people who are in need of some direction, peace, healing, or simply an encounter with God. We aim to take this outreach online. Friendly people are needed to welcome and chat to guests. COUNT ME IN
Spirit Café Host TBC TBC TBC This person will host and manage the evening, welcoming guests, their ‘orders’ and managing prayer sessions. COUNT ME IN
Spirit Café Prayer team TBC TBC TBC This team pray for guests. Guests can ‘order’ different ‘spiritual treatments’ for healing, peace, prayer, dream interpretation. Team members don’t need to be able to dream interpret yet, but must display some prophetic ability and be able to learn. COUNT ME IN
Tech PA Team Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Sundays & midweek, Time TBC Approx 8 We handle all of the audio at our church services and events, working with the band and ensuring the sound quality is strong. A love for music and technical aptitude are helpful but training will be provided.COUNT ME IN
Tech Media Team Gorgie / Leith / Granton / South Sundays, Time TBC Approx 5 We handle all of the projector screen graphics and videos during services and events. An eye for graphic design and technical aptitude are helpful but training will be provided.COUNT ME IN
Venue Logistics Venue overseer / caretaker Gorgie / Leith / Granton Most likely evenings or weekends. Min 2 When our buildings are used, there is particular need in this season to ensure that Health & Safety guidance is followed. While each group should take responsibility, this role is to assist them in doing so by ensuring they follow the guidance but also you taking responsibility for some tasks.COUNT ME IN
Venue Logistics Venue steward Gorgie / Leith / Granton Most likely evenings or weekends. Min 2 Assist venue overseer / caretaker with larger groups.COUNT ME IN
Youth Small Group Leader Harrison Park/Online Friday Nights 6.30-8pm 8-16 Caring for & getting to know teenagers in years S4-S6, leading games & bible studies, continuing connections and relationship building throughout the week. Some Pastoral care (as needed). Male and female leaders needed.COUNT ME IN
Youth Assistant Small Group Leader Various locations or Online Friday Nights 6.30-8pm 8-16 Supporting the Small Group Leaders with the practical aspects of running the group as well as getting to know teenagers.COUNT ME IN
Youth Prayer Co-ordinator From home Flexible 2-4 Creating a list of people committed to praying for youth. Gathering Prayer Points from Youth Team and sending them to Intercession Team & anyone on the list. Mobilising people to pray while each group is meeting.COUNT ME IN