Destiny Angels

Destiny Angels Edinburgh offers support to people in need across Edinburgh. We respond to the practical and emotional needs of people in our city affected by poverty, mental and physical ill-health, difficult home circumstances and other life challenges.

Working alongside other organisations in the city, we aim to offer short term support so that individuals and families are empowered to help themselves, giving them an opportunity to break down isolation, improve their self-esteem and be better equipped to deal with the demands of daily life.

Destiny Angels has been operating in Edinburgh since January 2008, and since then we have been able to support thousands of individuals. Year on year we have experienced more and more requests for Angels’ services, a clear indication of the ongoing need in our city.

Our main areas of activity are as follows:

Hardship Relief and Food Parcel Programme

We mobilise people in the church and wider community to donate food parcels, toiletries and other essential items. These are given out to families and individuals in Edinburgh who are facing destitution.

Destiny Angels provided food for a single mother and her children which enabled the family to stay together. She had this to say about the food parcels:

“It [the food support] meant loads to me but more to the kids. If it is just you, you can cope with going without. The food meant I could have my kids back with me.”

Christmas Hamper Appeal

Through this appeal we seek to brighten up what can be a very hard time of year for vulnerable individuals in our city who are isolated, hurting or facing difficult life issues. Working with our local partners in the voluntary and public sector, we distribute hundreds of hampers containing gifts and Christmas food to people throughout the city.

A couple in their 50s shared this about their experience of receiving a hamper:

“We had just cancelled Christmas because there was no money. We were praying for a solution when we got a call from Destiny Angels.”

One remarkable story which illustrates the big impact that a seemingly insignificant gift can have is that of a man with ongoing personal hygiene problems. His support workers had been unable to persuade him to wash properly for years. He was given shower gel in a Christmas hamper and has since showered consistently and bought shower products himself!

One support worker commented that the Hamper one of her clients received, helped him move on in life. The Christmas hamper provided evidence that someone did care, and gave the recipient the confidence to go and get a full-time job and start working on his financial and personal difficulties.

Home Improvements Project

This service is for people who are experiencing poor living conditions, either because of being accommodated in bad housing or because of struggling to maintain living standards due to poor mental or physical health, old age or family issues. Angels’ volunteers offer practical support with cleaning, gardening and basic decorating and DIY. Destiny Angels work alongside tenants to help them gain a sense of pride and ownership in their home, thus improving emotional well-being and decreasing the risk of homelessness.

A single gentleman facing a possible threat of eviction was given cleaning and clearance support. He had this to say about the help he received from Destiny Angels:

“If it wasn't for yourselves I wouldn't be happy and I wouldn't have a place to stay. It has lifted my spirits. Destiny Angels saved my bacon and I am really grateful.”

In the same way, a lady who received cleaning help in preparation for moving home shared how she was “very grateful for the assistance you were able to lend me. The feeling of not being alone at this difficult time was also very helpful to my mental state and helped me get through the move.”

Similarly, Destiny Angels saw the decorating support offered to one gentleman transform his life. Working alongside Destiny Angels volunteers not only improved his home and made it a joy for him to live in, but also broke down isolation and increased his confidence. He has since been in training programmes and is now volunteering for organisations in the city, helping to support those who have experienced similar difficulties to him.

Hear his story in his own words here

Emotional Support

Destiny Angels aims to alleviate the isolation experienced by the individuals we support. The helpline offers people a listening ear, giving them the time and space to speak freely with a calm individual who is able to offer prayer support, links to our practical support and signpost to other services.

In some cases, people who have contacted Destiny Angels for help have ended up connecting with the church community and have found this offers them an invaluable long term support network. This is a 'no strings attached' initiative. Although the unique aspect of this service is the combination of practical and spiritual support offered, no-one is compelled to attend church or receive prayer.
Emotional support often happens as a by-product of the practical services we provide. One service user commented:

“You support people that have not got a lot. You give them your time which is really important. You give them hope.”

Need help:

Contact Destiny Angels at 0131 454 2001

Please note that our phones are currently manned Tues-Thurs each week

Use the 'contact' button above for referral forms.

Want to help:

Volunteering with Destiny Angels: The work of Destiny Angels Edinburgh is carried out by a team of committed volunteers, trained and managed by our Volunteer Coordinator. All of our volunteers are disclosed by PVG Scotland. Volunteering with Destiny Angels provides you with the opportunity to serve your community and also learn new skills, grow in confidence and experience a positive working environment with a great team of people.

Destiny Angels is also equipped for Corporate Responsibility days. Teams from RBS and Scottish Water have volunteered with us, as well as small groups from the church.

You can give to the work of Destiny Angels Edinburgh or through the church’s online giving page. Find out more about Destiny Angels UK here.

Liz Bowes

Liz Bowes

Destiny Angels coordinator