Our journey

Our journey began in the summer of 1998 in a small flat in Edinburgh's city centre. My wife Angie and I were newly married and had just moved to the city with a vision to start a contemporary Church in the heart of Scotland's capital.

Having outgrown the flat, we moved our meetings into a local school, where the Church grew to about 60 people. At the beginning of 2004 we purchased our first property in Edinburgh, an old cinema in Leith (north Edinburgh). During 2004 the weekly church attendance grew through the 100 mark and in 2005 through the 200 mark. Since then we've continue to grow each year with many coming to faith in our services.

In 2007, having outgrown our building in Leith, the logical step would have been to buy a bigger building in the Leith area. But it was at this point that God led us to follow a different strategy and we purchased a larger facility across in the opposite side of the city in Gorgie. It was an old cinema and in 2008 we moved in and became one church in two locations.

In 2015 we launched 2020 vision, and as part of this we started our Granton location in September 2015 and our South location in February 2017.

Over the years we’ve also had the opportunity to start churches around the world. We’ve had the privilege to plant six churches both nationally and internationally. This is part of our vision moving forward.

At Destiny Church we have a big vision for the future. We believe that the church has a vital role in introducing our generation to God and also in shaping the Scotland of tomorrow. In a time where church attendance in Edinburgh is dropping rapidly we see Scotland and Europe as our mission field.

We are living our dreams, why not come and join us?